Municipality of Tuba

  Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet 2603
  (074) 447 0064

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Barangay Twin Peaks is the interior barangay of the municipality being located in the middle of the municipality. It is bounded on the North by Barangay Poblacion; on the Northeast-east by Barangay Camp 4; on the east by Barangay Camp 3; on the west by Barangay Tabaan Sur; and on the South & Southeast by Barangay Camp One with a total land area of 2, 875.67 hectares. It has a population of 1,127 and 238 household as of 2010 census of population. The barangay is characterized by rugged mountain with fertile soil suitable for fruit trees, root crops and vegetables.

It was made an independent Barrio from the mother Barrio of Tabaan upon the approval by Municipal Council Resolution No. 87 dated August 20, 1969 of the municipal council of Tuba Benguet, recommending favorable consideration on the petition of the residents of Twin Peaks Norte, Twin Peaks Proper, Camp 2, Dalabi, Salebu, Kengosan, Leskeng, Sacupit, Toyong, Tucang, Passengi, Dengsed, Dingcamas and Lower Asin, all of barrio Tabaan, Tuba Benguet that Twin Peaks be organized as an independent Barrio.

The seat of the Barangay Government or the Barangay Multipurpose Hall is situated at Twin Peaks Proper being the center of the barangay. It has two (2) government learning institution like the elementary and high school

It has also scenic spots potential for tourism purposes. One of which is the Aran Cave at Tucang which is considered as one of the best spots for spelunking with its opening along the riverbank of Bued River. It is believed to be the former house of the giant “Aran” whose family was taken hostage and brought out from the cave during the construction of Kennon Road. Another site is the Pasinggi Falls where one can view the waterfall running along a beautiful naturally carved stone from Camp 2 along Kennon Road. Another site is the Colorado Falls where the flowing water drops in a natural deep pool where one can swim for relaxation.

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