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A message from Hon. Clarita P. Sal-ongan:

Mapteng jen agew kakaidian!

In the high green mountains, cold and gloomy, with several winding national roads and scenic viewpoints, is a place we call home.

It is with great pride we present, even a glimpse of our tourism, our history, our programs and services through the official website of the Municipality of Tuba. With the influence of technology,   this network made information accessible and brought people together despite the distance and circumstances.

Popularly known as the “Gateway to Benguet,” we are home to four (4) major national roads namely: Palispis-Aspiras or Marcos Highway, Kennon Road, Asin-San Pascual Road and Naguilian Road. All these, leading to the City of Pines.

Along the way is a sight of dancing clouds in the mountains where the sun shines and sets. When one felt the breeze, a hot coffee will ease the coldness as, lately we have a number of coffee shops established along Marcos Highway. However, if you’re looking for a perfect summer experience, swimming is the best choice. Pools, hot springs, kubos, food and accommodation—let’s spend the weekend with our families at our man-made resorts located in Asin, Nangalisan. It is probably least popular or unheard that Tuba also caters to majestic caves; to name a few are the Aran Cave of Barangay Camp 3 and Ubong-ubong Cave of Barangay Ansagan, greatly preserved with stories of the past.

Being a first class municipality, Tuba composes a high percentage of agricultural land. Considering the location its thirteen (13) barangays, we experience diverse weather conditions making farmers produce different kinds of crops, including lowland vegetables. Barangays Poblacion and Taloy Sur usually experiences low degrees of temperature, unlike Barangays of San Pascual, Nangalisan and Tabaan Sur which shares the similar tepidity from their neighbor barangays of La Union Province. With ava as our “One Town, One Product” (OTOP), the agriculture industry has also been piloting the production of cacao in the municipality.

Tuba also tagged as the “Highway of Discoveries,” there’s much more to discover. Most of all, the people. Indeed, our treasure are our values, our ways of tradition and culture. Come and appreciate not only the physical beauty of the place but also the warmth of its people. On the other hand, let us remember we are all stewards of this world. The protection and conservation of our land, natural or man-made attractions, is all our responsibility. Let our own treasures be preserved for the future generations to witness.

Mabuhay Tuba! May it continue to prosper and progress for the years to come!


Municipal Mayor