Municipality of Tuba

  Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet 2603
  (074) 447 0064

Philippine Standard Time:

Early Inhabitants

The original native tribes of Benguet Province are the Ibalois and Kankanaeys. The Ibalois are predominantly the original settlers of Tuba. They mostly occupy the flat lands of the agricultural valleys and have their seat of culture believed was established in Kabayan, in the shadow of Mount Pulag, known to be one of the highest mountains in the Philippines, and is one of the tourist attractions in the Cordillera Region. These people are traditionally agriculturist and have a dialect having a similarity with that of the Pangasinans.

On the other hand, the Kankanaeys, who occupied the northern portion of the

province, migrated to Tuba and were traditionally known to be native miners. Their dialect resembles that of Lepanto.

Tuba is known to be the heart of Ibaloi area and is situated along the southern

part of the Province of Benguet. The Spaniards, Americans and the Ilocanos of La Union, Ilocos Sur and the Pangasinenses late joined the native Ibalois. Today, majority of the local people speak Ilocano aside from their native tongues. Tuba’s population is a mixture of various cultures.

Today, Tuba has become the “Gateway to the South and the Cordillera.