Municipality of Tuba

  Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet 2603
  (074) 447 0064

Philippine Standard Time:


In the early times, an old man lived peacefully in the mountain where the Poblacion is presently situated. Known to be a hard worker, the man cultivated different crops among which was his favorite “saligao”, a shrub which bore fruits that became poisonous when taken excessively but medicinal when used properly. People from different parts of the region learned about the saligao plant and wanted the plant’s fruit. The fruit was used for medicine while others discovered that once powdered and applied or mixed with water in the rivers, it would cause dizziness among the fish making fishing quite easy. Fishing in this way became popular among the people. Later referred to as “tuva”, this fishing method prompted the old man to plant more saligao trees. From then on the people started calling his place “Tuva” now Tuba.