Municipality of Tuba

  Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet 2603
  (074) 447 0064

Philippine Standard Time:


Geographical description (to be supported with Map/s – land area, location, boundaries

The municipality is geodetically located between 16008’ to 16028’ north latitude and 120026’ to 120039’ east longitude.

             Tuba is one amongst the thirteen-component municipality of Benguet Province, and is believed to be one of the oldest original towns in the Cordillera Administrative region (CAR). It is situated in the southwestern tip of the Cordillera Mountain Range that extends from the northwestern tip of Luzon towards Pangasinan. South of the Municipality lies the Province of Pangasinan and to the west lies the Ilocos rolling hills.

             Tuba has a computed total land area of 44,925.95 hectares or 449.2595 square kilometers. It has thirteen (13) component Barangays with Ansagan having the largest area of 6,263.65 hectares (62.6365) or 13.94% of the total land area. Barangay Camp1 has the second largest area with 6,062.78 hectares (60.6278 sq. km.) or 13.49%. The third largest area constituting 43.0084 hectares (43.0084 sq. km.) or 9.6% of the total land area is Barangay Camp Three, followed by Barangay Camp Four with an area of 3,467.02 hectares (34.6702 sq. km.)or 7.72%. Barangay Tadiangan has the smallest area of 1,266.73 hectares (12.6673 sq. km.) or 2.82% of the total land area of the Municipality.


 The Municipality of Tuba belongs under the Type I by the Coronas System of classification with two pronounced distinct seasons, wet season and dry season. Generally Tuba has a foggy and cold temperature during the coldest months of December, January and has the warmest temperatures during the months of March to May.