Municipality of Tuba

  Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet 2603
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Based on historical accounts, the area got its name on two different versions. One version states that the place was named by a Spanish man in honor of his son Pascual who died and was buried in the place. The other version states that a Spanish man visiting the place met a settler and asked the name of the place. Not understanding what was asked of him, he thought that he is being asked of his name so he said Pascual. Later on, the place was named San Pascual by the Spaniards.

Barangay San Pascual is one of the original and oldest Barangay of the Municipality of Tuba, Benguet Province. It is bounded on the north by Barangay Nangalisan, on the east by Taloy Norte, on the west by the Municipality of Aringay, La Union, on the south by the Municipality of Tubao, La Union. It has an approximate area of 2,041.84 hectares and it is about 32 kilometers away from Baguio City. It has a total population of 1, 080 with a total of 218 households based on the 2010 census of population.

It was created under Executive Order No. 77 dated December 11, 1911 along with the creation of the Township of Tuba. Barangay San Pascual has seven major sitios namely: Payacpac, Colon, Lumes, Apni, Tuel, Ana-ao, Taba-ao, and Tarong. It has also one (1) Public Elementary School, Barangay Health Clinic and Multi-Purpose Hall. The original settlers are Ibalois but as time goes by, the residents became culturally diverse due to some migrants and intermarriages.

Barangay San Pascual is generally mountainous and hilly with a plain along the Gallano River at sitio Lumes. While it is a rural area, the constituents feel so very lucky because it is the only place in the municipality that was visited by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos in the 1960s who left their finger and foot prints in front of the newly constructed Marcos Prefab Building. Unfortunately, the building was blown by a strong typhoon in the later years.

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