Municipality of Tuba

  Poblacion, Tuba, Benguet 2603
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Taloy Norte was made an independent barrio from the mother barrio of Taloy pursuant to the provisions of Section 3, Article II of RA 3590, otherwise known as the Revised Barrio Charter consisting of sitios Belis, Alpang, Agas-as, Absay, Ambusi, Bayacsan, Bayayeng, Bacayao, Bua, Bocyagan, Coday, Copdas, Candiditan, Delnek, Lang-ay, Leb-ow, Ketong, Shontog, Bontagel and Modang.

It is located at the mid northern part of the municipality. It is bounded on the North by Barangay Tadiangan and Nangalisan; on the east by Poblacion & Taloy Sur, on the west by San Pascual and the municipality of Tubao, La Union and on the South by Barangay Taloy Sur and Tubao, La Union. It has a computed area of 2, 466.01 hectares with a total population of 1, 307 and total of 344households as of 2010 census of population. The place is basically mountainous area with few rolling hills. There are two (2) public elementary schools, a barangay helath station, and a multi-purpose hall, among other institutions found in the area.

This barangay is blessed with a few sources of water which are tapped for domestic and irrigation purposes by the community and private users. Human resources is available also. The main economic activity of the residents is farming, while others are involved in backyard livestock and poultry raising but generally for home consumption only. The area has a lake which is used as demo farm for fish production.

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