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Tuba Declares the First Monday of September Each Year as a Day of Thanksgiving

In a significant move to foster a culture of gratitude and community spirit, the Municipality of Tuba has enacted Municipal Ordinance No. 501, Series of 2024, declaring the first Monday of September each year as a Day of Thanksgiving and proclaiming the entire month of September as Thanksgiving Month.

The ordinance, enacted by the Sangguniang Bayan on April 23, 2024 and was subsequently signed by the Municipal Mayor, recognizes the deep-rooted tradition of the indigenous people of Tuba which have long observed thanksgiving ceremonies to honor the successful harvest of crops.

Said ordinance aims to promote gratitude, unity, and appreciation among residents by declaring the first Monday of September as a day of thanksgiving, with activities including educational programs for children on the values of gratitude and communal prayers led by local officials. The entire month of September is declared Thanksgiving Month, allowing ample time for various activities that celebrate blessings and foster community unity.

The municipality will organize a range of activities to commemorate the annual celebration of thanksgiving. These activities include ecumenical services, cultural presentations, community feasts, volunteer opportunities, recognition of local achievements, talent showcases, barter markets, and donation booths. Private institutions are also encouraged to adopt and implement their own programs to coincide with the Day of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Month, including corporate social responsibility projects, environmental conservation initiatives, health and wellness campaigns, and special promotions or discounts.

The ordinance highlights the invaluable significance of familial connections by encouraging each household to designate an evening hour on the Day of Thanksgiving for a shared family meal. This tradition aims to fortify familial ties and amplify the collective spirit of gratitude at the grassroots level.

By Mr. Mhenard Sudara / SB Office